Annual London Art Fair

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Annual London Art Fair

If you are looking for something to do besides follow the premiership matches this weekend (which may be well impossible for a majority of our readers), you may consider making your way over to the Business

Design Centre in Islington for the 17th Annual London Art Fair.

Over 80 galleries representing more than 1250 artists will be on display through Sunday. And, never fear, all art was judged by an independent board so you can rest assured that only "worthy" art will be seen by the throngs of visitors.

Additionally, any closet art collectors out there will be able to purchase pieces from the galleries beginning at a scant ₤100 and should you have a bit more money to spare, there will also be pieces for sale well-beyond the triple-digit range.

Although some of London's more well-established publications (we will mention no names so as to avoid a war of words) have deemed the LAF as simply not "up to snuff" for their tastes ever since the entrance of the Frieze Art Fair into the contemporary art world, the Londonist will most definitely be in attendance. We don't discriminate, we appreciate!

Tickets will be available at the door for ₤12; Saturday 22 January 11am – 7pm, Sunday 23 January 11am – 4pm.

Last Updated 21 January 2005