Academy for Athlete

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Academy for Athlete

Deptford boys Athlete have announced yet another London date to add to their forthcoming tour.

The band play Brixton Academy on 22nd April. Coming in as an addition to a huge tour, it is perhaps a sign of their leapfrog into the mainstream (or their record company's confidence). Other signs include an incredibly-slick new website (curiously when clicking on 'band info' only lead singer Joel Pott's name appears) and very heavy airplay of current single Wires.

We like Wires a lot. As has been said in many places, it's a real grower and improves with every listening. It becomes especially poignant when you find out that the lyrics relate to Joel Pott's premature baby. The Guardian is also moved, but is not so convinced about the other new tracks previewed during a live gig.

Last Updated 18 January 2005