Theatreland Goes To The Movies

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Theatreland Goes To The Movies

With the unnering foresight and keenness of judgment that has made it the magazine of choice for London's city gents, the Economist has announced that "The London theatre increasingly turns to movie remakes".

This news will of course come as a complete shock to anyone who hasn't lived in London for...ooooh, the past couple of weeks.

"Visitors strolling through the West End could be forgiven if they felt they were transported to a video rental shop," says the Economist (which, we guess, makes Soho the top shelf at the back of the shop), "it is a long way from Hugo’s 'Les Misérables' to Ian Fleming’s 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'".

But why...we hear you cry...are they staging all these adaptations?

Well, the Economist, yet again has the answer: "Behind the situation are financial concerns."

So it all comes down to money eh? Who would have believed it? And we thought all these West End producers did it for the smell of the grease paint and all that.

To help the West End out a bit, Londonist thought we'd present our list of movies we believe are just begging to be adapted to the London stage:

Alien Vs Predator - Starring Dame Judie Dench and Prunella Scales.

Die Hard! (a musical) - with Nathan Lane in a vest.

Last Tango In Paris - Starring Natalie Portman and John Goodman.

The Fast And The Furious - all chase scenes to be performed through the medium of interpretive dance (on rollerskates).

Last Updated 01 December 2004