The Tate Tree

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The Tate Tree

If the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square just isn't "interactive" enough for you, then you could always try Tate Britain's version, which is being unveiled today.


It's a bit of a tradition at the Tate to get someone in to decorate the tree - Tracy Emin did it back in 2002, and Londonist particularly liked Catherine Yass's neon tree of four years ago.

This year's offering is a four metre-high Norwegian spruce by sculptor Richard Wentworth. It includes ordinary household light bulbs, multi-coloured broken plates and an antenna in the place of an angel.

The antenna is there so visitors can send messages to the tree, which Wentworth will then "unwrap" on Christmas Day. The plates will be auctioned in aid of children’s charity Artworks.

Last Updated 03 December 2004