The Losing of Camden 274

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The Losing of Camden 274

As a bus driver in London there are many professional responsibilities one has to take on: customer relations, passenger safety, road etiquette and, erm...knowing the bus route.

If a driver fails in just one of these areas then it can quickly lead to chaos, or as Mrs Taylor, from Highgate put it in today's Standard:

"He knew he had gone wrong because the passengers were shouting at him."

Mrs Taylor was one of the passengers who boarded the 274 bus on Camden Road at 12.50pm yesterday. Unfortunately for them, their driver that day was a new boy who was a little 'unsure' of his route.

As a result he took his ten passengers on a ninety minute tour of north London, stopping off at some of the area's fascinating landmarks, such as:

- the builder's truck on Downside Crescent (a 10 minute stop);

- the Britannia Hampstead Hotel on Primrose Hill (20 minute stop to ring garage); and

- the rogues gallery of Camden High Street...where he'd started from.

Once back in Camden Town the driver was able to get his bearings and began his journey again. He arrived at Marble Arch 25 minutes after restarting at 2.20pm.

Last Updated 07 December 2004