Snow Slide - The Backlash

By Rob Last edited 235 months ago

Last Updated 21 December 2004

Snow Slide - The Backlash

Maybe we overhyped it. Maybe we just built up our (and your) expectations too much. Maybe we were just foolish to expect too much from Southwark council.

Whatever the reason, it seems the South Bank Snow Slide outside Tate Modern has failed to live up to expectations.

snow slide from bankside.jpg

Consider the photograph on the right, sent to us by Mark Mochalski. That's never 30 metres is it? And if it is, then at least 20 metres of it is flat.

And to add insult to inury, the organisers have added this slightly odd guideline to their list of rules and regulations:


That image is from website. And they also very kindly sent us this photo of the Mayor of Southwark (yes there is such a thing), which shows that at least one person is having a good time on the snow slide (at least we think she's having a good time).