Russian Winter Festival

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Russian Winter Festival
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The only bad thing about Christmas? It's just too damn short. Once Boxing Day's over you've only got the stress and ultimate anti-climax that is New Year to look forward to...and then it's back to work.

We need more food, more alcohol, more singing and definitely a lot more dancing. Thank God then for the Russian Winter Festival.

Taking place a whole two weeks after the New Year, the Russian Winter festival is the perfect excuse to extend your Christmas spirit well into 2005 (and if you're supposed to be working that day just tell your boss that you follow the Tsarist calendar and you're celebrating the Russian 'Old New Year'...what's he going to say?).

On January 15, in Trafalgar Square there will be 500 singers and dancers (all in costume naturally), ice skaters, balalaikas, hot borsch, blini, and pirozhki.

There's no mention of vodka but we wouldn't bet against it.

The London assembly site is also promising a "clear, crisp afternoon", although, unless Ken has worked out to control the weather now too, we wouldn't bank on that.

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