Londonist Correspondent On The Beeb

By Rob Last edited 171 months ago
Londonist Correspondent On The Beeb

Londonist TV Critic Mecca Ibrahim is (believe it or not) more well known for her book: One Stop Short of Barking: Uncovering the London Underground.

And because of her tubey background Mecca was recently contacted by the BBC to try a dangerous mission little experiment: trying to find a seat on the Underground.

The resulting film was shown on the BBC earlier this week as part of their Commuter Week series. But if you missed it you can now watch Mecca's tube experiment online here (third item down).

And if you like that you should probably try and tune in to BBC London Radio (94.9FM) this Sunday night at 10pm when Mecca will be taking calls about her experience.

Last Updated 09 December 2004