Slater Becomes A Londoner

By Rob Last edited 167 months ago
Slater Becomes A Londoner

In a move which has nothing to do with tax breaks or the fact the the English public are a lot less forgiving of past indiscretions than the Yanks seem to be, Christian Slater has become the latest Hollywood star to turn his back on L.A. and make London his permanent home.


The Guardian quotes Slater's Mum as saying that that her little Chris' "loves it over here, I don't think he would ever go back if he could help it. Life in Los Angeles is no fun. He was raised in New York and he finds London is more like that, only with more to do."

Now there's a good slogan for the London tourist board: Like New York...only with more to do".

Except Slater and his family don't actually seem to be spending that much quality time in the city itself. According to the Guardian, "the actor is particularly happy with...the family's cultural day trips out to historical cathedral cities."

So maybe it should be St Albans: Like New York only with more to do.

Last Updated 06 December 2004