Catholics Against Contraception Shocker

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Catholics Against Contraception Shocker

If you've been on the tube recently you might have seen the adverts for the morning after pill Levonelle One Step which have a bit of a Christmas slant.

One seems to suggest that even if you have sex once a year (i.e. at the Christmas party) then that's all it takes, while another takes a bit of a religious theme: Immaculate Contraception? If only.".

It's the latter which has caused a bit of a fuss.

The poster prompted 109 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, including one from the National Association of Catholic Families, and now the company behind the product have had to scrap the campaign.

Londonist wonders what would happen if the 'Read Books, Get Brain' ad's which appeared in New York were introduced over here.

Last Updated 08 December 2004