A Note From The Editors

By Rob Last edited 235 months ago

Last Updated 24 December 2004

A Note From The Editors

As you've probably noticed, Londonist has been winding down in the lead up to the Christmas holidays over the past week.

Obviously we won't be posting anything tomorrow, Boxing Day or the following Bank holidays, but we'll be back with a 'limited service' (like the Tube) on the 29th leading up to New years Eve. Then we're off again until Januray 4th when we'll come back with all the London news that's fit to read.

We'd just like top say a big 'thank you' to all our readers. The first few months of the site have been great for everyone involved, and we're looking to make it even better next year.

And we'd also like to say thanks to all our contributors who've worked so hard for us in the past few months.

Merry Christmas.