Platform At The ICA

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Platform At The ICA

Tonight is the opening night of Platform at the ICA, a "unique theatre experience" based on Michel Houellebecq's book.

The book is about a civil servant having sex with prostitutes in the massage parlours of Thailand (with a bit of S&M and partner-swapping thrown in there to spice things up), so Londonist will be intrigued to see what the ICA's "re-imagining" of the book as a "site-specific installation" will actually involve.

The ICA's site does make it clear that the performance is "Not suitable for under 18s" so we're pretty sure that they haven't watered it down at all.

If anyone gets along can you let us know what it's like. Although if you get chucked out for taking photographs don't use our name as an excuse...that's how rumours start.

Last Updated 02 December 2004