You're Nicked Son

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You're Nicked Son

The public both hate and love it when an apparently well-paid 'celebrity' tries to get something on the cheap.

Look at what happened to Richard Madeley when he was accused of trying to shoplift a bottle of bubbly from Tescos. That was ten years ago and he's still reviled by a lot of people (ok, so admittedly there's more to the revulsion that just the shoplifting, but you get the idea).

Then there's Winona Ryder. She tried to lift around five grands worth of clothing and then managed to turn the whole thing into a career-saving PR stunt!

Now, London has its very own celebrity wrongdoer in the form of Jimmi Harkishin, better known as Dev from Coronation Street, (also known as Dev-id Essex if you're watching it at our house).

Harkishin was arrested at Brent Cross Shopping Centre yesterday afternoon (oh, the glamour of it all) after attempting to "stick a cheap price tag on an expensive sweater".

The Corrie lothario was held on susupicion of deception before being cautioned and released.

Last Updated 08 November 2004