Where Will You Watch It?

By Rob Last edited 172 months ago
Where Will You Watch It?

Bush. Kerry. Chads. Ohio. Yes, we admit it, Londonist is as excited as everyone else is about tonight's US elections.

We'll be watching it on the good, old BBC (11:50 through to 5:00 with Dimbleby, Snow and Simpson et al) but there are events taking place throughout the capital for ex-pats and Brits alike:

democrat.gifThe US Embassy in Grovesnor Square is holding its grandly titled Quadrennial Presidential Election Celebration. But don't even think of gatecrashing, as well as the numerous heavily armed soldiers you'll have to get past charge d'affaires, David Johnson and his exclusive guest list which includes members of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

At the ICA Radio 4’s Laurie Taylor, is presenting live TV coverage "interspersed with commentary from leading political and cultural figures". And if that's not enough, there's also American snacks at the bar. Mmmm snacks.

Republican.gifA little more down-to-earth is the gathering of the London Expat American Meetup Group at the Montague Pyke pub on Charing Cross Road.

The catchily titled L.E.A.M.G. have organised a strictly bi-partisan champagne dinner, where homesick Yanks can take part in a mock elections.

And, finally, if you're really desparate there's always Planet Hollywood in Leicester Square where you can watch the results come in live over outrageously priced milkshakes and burgers.

Last Updated 02 November 2004