Vote Sinner or Winner

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Vote Sinner or Winner

The Evening Standard want you to vote for your London personality of the Year.


Roman Abramovich won it last year (about the only thing he did win) for "injecting millions of pounds into Chelsea". So it's not exactly the most discerning of awards this one.

The Standard's criteria (which must have changed since last year) are, someone who has...

- Raised London's profile.

- Put a smile on the face of Londoners.

- Been outstanding in their profession (Londoner only).

- Created a 'buzz' about London.

- Improved the life of Londoners.

Well we can think of only one person who ticks all those boxes: Terry the Sinner or Winner Man.

You know, the Scouse guy who walks around the West End with a megaphone urging people to repent and let Jesus into their lives?

He's raised London's profile...a bit. He puts a smile on people's faces...kind of. He's definitely outstanding in his profession. He creates a buzz (see this interview with him over at B3ta) and he must have improved the life of at least one person.

Come on, how great would it be to see The Standard award their London Personality of the Year to someone who used to believe he was a werewolf. Talk about celebrating the real spirit of this city!

Click here to send the Standard an email with Terry's name in the Subject line, and cast your vote.

Last Updated 23 November 2004