UK Music Hall Of Fame

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UK Music Hall Of Fame

Tonight sees the inaugural UK Music Hall Of Fame ceremony at the Hackney Empire theatre.

The UK Music Hall Of Fame is a lot like the US Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame except it's British...but includes US artists such as Elvis, and Madonna who are two of the chosen 'founding members' along with U2, The Beatles, and Bob Marley.

Of course, if you've been watching the Jamie Theakston fronted series on Channel 4 over the past few weeks you'll know all of this already.

For over a month now, Theakston has been begging the British public to vote for their favourite pop and rock people, decade by decade, for two hours every Sunday night. Now, to be honest, Londonist find it difficult to watch anything which features Jamie Theakston for two hours (no matter how many interesting talking heads they get on there), so our interest in tonight's ceremony is limited at best.

And the news that Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney will "team up to take the mickey out of their mutual friend Madonna" by dressing up as her and performing "a parody of one of her performances" doesn't really do much to heighten our trepidation.


If you've missed out on one of the exclusive invites for tonight's ceremony then don't worry. The Empire still has tickets left for Mike Reid - Reid All About It on 21 November. And there might even be a few seats available for Chas 'n' Dave's All Time Greats (strangely absent from ther Hall of Fame shortlist) in February next year.

Last Updated 11 November 2004