The Towers of London

By Rob Last edited 189 months ago
The Towers of London

Despite the terror 'scares' and the escalating cost of real estate in the UK, London seems hell bent on building taller and taller buildings.

But in recent weeks the trend seems to have stalled with numerous architectural hard luck stories in the press.

Everyone knows what a great building the Swiss Re Tower/erotic gherkin is but, on the other hand, everyone knows it's half empty and struggling to pay the bills too.

So is this what the London Bridge Tower has to look forward to? After all the 'Shard of Glass' won't even be built if the developers can't fill at least 35% of the space.

And then there's the Heron Tower (no it's not shaped like a heron) in Bishopsgate. Did Gerald Ronson go up against English Heritage just to build a huge skyscraper that will stand half-empty?

And finally you've got Tate Tower, This development has already had its fair share of problems, and now it turn out they're short of a bit of cash as well (scroll down that page for the news story).

So what's the solution? Business bungalows? Underground headquarters a la Danger Mouse? Working from home with a cup of tea and Des and Mel on the telly?

Let's face it, anything's got to be better than all those uncomfortable, never-ending silences in the lift.

Last Updated 29 November 2004