The Night-Time Economy

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The Night-Time Economy


Londonist's favourite assembly, The London Assembly, today began looking at the impact of London's night-time economy on local residents.

The phrase night-time economy just reeks of illegality but unfortunately we're not talking about back alley share deals or currency trading done down the docks, this is more about some drunk lout pissing through your mail slot at 2am.

It's your standard day-time folks versus the night-time folks argument, kind of like The Lost Boys, but with more council meetings and less people called Corey.

The whole issue is illustrated by problems in the London Borough of Kingston with Malcolm Grosvenor (of the snappily titled Enough is Enough campaign) leading the charge against late night "anti-social behaviour associated with alcohol".

Kingston has reacted to pressure from local residents by refusing some late licenses but the fear is that this wont be enough.

Londonist wonders if they've tried those little "Please leave quietly out of consideration for local residents" signs, or maybe the odd well timed "Shhhhhhh!"

Last Updated 30 November 2004