The Mayor That Stole Christmas

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The Mayor That Stole Christmas

kenlivingstone.jpgSometimes Londonist thinks Ken Livingstone is a fun kind of guy, anybody the Sun newspaper described as "the most odious man in Britain" must be doing something right.

But lately it seems like it's less a case of Cuddly Ken and more a case of Curmodgeonly Ken.

This time it's his party animal credentials that are under attack, with Lib Dems criticising his miserly New Years celebrations as "being for television cameras rather than the people of London."

Ken is proposing a short fireworks display near the London Eye, its in our logo, the big wheel thing. Sure it's not the Gherkin but seriously, you people need to get over it, it just didn't look right.

So, anyway, a fireworks celebration near the Thames at New Year.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

Obviously we're alluding to, in a not particularly subtle way, the ill fated River of Fire, an integral part of Londons Millenium celebration.

Our favourite quote comes from the designer of the 200-foot jet of flame that was supposed to streak down the river at midnight, Robert McDermott:

"I saw it and I was blown away. It was bigger than Ben Hur."

Let's lower our expectations and just hope that this year it's bigger than 2Fast2Furious.

Last Updated 26 November 2004