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Londonist Loves...


In the coming months we at Londonist plan to take some time to talk about it's favourite corners of London. Not every corner will contain a lot of smoked meat (if only), but this one does.

There are many reasons to love Bodeans, not least because they have a huge picture of barbequing animals on the front of their website, but mainly it's because of the meat.

And lots of it.

On the corner of D'arbaly and Poland Streets in North Soho (and with a second one recently openend in Clapham), Bodeans is an ideal place to escape the hordes of shoppers on Oxford street and enjoy some quality american style fare.

It's got a fairly unpretentious diner style set-up on the ground floor with a more decadent paneled wood and leather booth scenario in the basement, while the service is simple, relaxed and efficient.

But as we may have mentioned, the draw is the meat.

It's no big secret that here at the Londonist we like a good BBQ, it's just the organisational logistics and variable weather we're not big fans of.

Finding a weekend with good weather, motivating your slack friends to travel across 4 tube zones, getting up early enough to get to the butchers before all the good meat is gone, not to mention locating gas/charcoal, and you start to think orgainising a window to launch a space shuttle in has to be easier than this.

Which is where Bodeans comes in.

As they'll tell you: "We have searched many horizons for what we deem as the best BBQ Smoke Pit. This special piece of equipment, will slowly cook fish, lamb, pork, poultry, beef, sausages and the list goes on… over bountiful hardwoods such as oak, apple, or cherry wood"

Which is really nice of them, and if it means great smoked meat without worrying about getting a stress induced aneurism, we're all for it.

The Londonist recommends a booth downstairs, any one of the combos - as long as you get some pulled pork, and a couple of bottles of suitably chilled crisp imported lager.

Also they do catering, parties, and they have the NASN sports channel, which is great for when you want to watch Americans competing in a World Series in a sport only two countries play, or race car driving for people that can only go around in a big circle.

Last Updated 15 November 2004