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There are so many things wrong with this story, Londonist doesn't quite know where to start.


Rachel Bailey is a 28-year-old woman from Chelsea. Just to give you an idea of what she looks like, today's Sun describes her as "busty", "brunette", and "5ft 9in with an ample bust".

Got the idea yet?

Rachel, has a media degree and is the "well-spoken daughter of an antiques dealer", so of course there's no way she's going to have a proper job. Instead Rachel has launched herself as "The Green Eyed Goddess" - a flirting service for "city gents" who want to put the spark back in their relationship.

It works like this: Rachel's clients pay her £50 an hour to turn up at the bar or restaurant they will be at with their 'other half' whereupon she flirts outrageously with them. This, obviously, drives the girlfriend or wife into fits of jealousy, which somehow "improves their love lives".

Really? Does that strategy actually work outside the confines of soap operas and 'erotic dramas'?

Rachel is careful not to give away too many of her flirting "secrets" in the article, although she does explain one revolutionary way to get a man's attention:

"I have a dress which is very low cut. Let’s just say that I am always popping out. You should see the look on a woman’s face when I bend down next to her husband in that outfit.”

Genius Rachel. That media degree was obviously worth every minute.

Londonist full expects to see Rachel fronting a Channel 5, flirting-based reality gameshow by Summer of 2005.

Last Updated 19 November 2004