Lovely Arrows

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Lovely Arrows

Could darts be on the agenda for the 2012 Olympics?

It depends if the Olympic Committee want to argue with thirty stone BDO world champion, Andy 'The Viking' Fordham.


Today's Mirror quotes Fordham as saying "I'd love to take part in the Olympics - it would be nice in 2012 in London, although I'm not sure I'll still be playing."

And, just in case Seb Coe and his Olympic cronies think that darts may not be classed as a 'sport', Fordham says, "It should be a sport - we stand up there and walk up and down to the oche. Look at a sport like pistol shooting, they don't do the amount of walking we do. If that's going to be a sport then darts should be too. I'd love to take part in the Olympics."

Last Updated 05 November 2004