Talking Books

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Talking Books

Londonist was gutted to realise that we'd missed Richard Lawrence at Borders on Charing Cross Road last night. He was talking about his new book Realise Your Inner Potential, which is apparently a "manual for living", but we were too busy at home on the sofa watching Wife Swap to make it.

Ok, so maybe we weren't too bothered about our inner potential, but some of these bookshop appearances can be quite good and we always miss them. So here's a little rundown of what's coming up in the bookshops of London in the next few weeks.

Paula Radcliffe: My Story So Far

Waterstone's Leadenhall Market, 17 Nov, 12:30pm

At Athens this year Paula Radcliffe shocked the nation by proving that she can actually lose and she is really human after all. Apparently her biography My Story So Far covers her "Greek tragedy" as well as her "remarkable life story of highs and lows" (we reckon the best bit will be where she fights with her husband/trainer in Canada after coming fourth). She's at Waterstones today to sign copies of the book

Squeeze: Song by Song

Borders, Charing Cross Road, 18 Nov, 6.30pm

Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze pefrorm a live acoustic set and answer questions to promote their new book which purports to be the "first fully authorised account of the life and times of the band."

Jon Ronson: The Men Who Stare At Goats

Foyles Bookshop, Charing Cross Road, 18 Nov, 7pm, £5

Londonist favourite Jon Ronson has been exploring the weirder side of the American military from ‘Goat Lab’ to Uri Geller’s work with the CIA. The TV series is great, the book's supposed to be even better, and if you want to meet Jon in person and make him even more paranoid then he's at Foyles tomorrow.

Jon Snow: Shooting History

London review Bookshop, Bury Place, 24 November, 8PM

Another Londonist favourite called Jon-without-the-H, Snow is at one of Londons's best bookshops to talk about his memoir: Shooting History: A Personal Journey.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Peter Hichens: Muticulturalism Is a Threat to Britain's Unique and Free Society?

Franklin Wilkins Bulding, King's College, 30 Nov, 7pm, £6

And if you fancy something even more 'highbrow' than Jon Snow, then you can find these two intellectual heavyweights at King's College, courtesy of Blackwells. Tickets can purchased from Blackwell's Charing Cross Rd.

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