London To Relocate To Surrey

By Rob Last edited 170 months ago
London To Relocate To Surrey

Ever wondered where you'll go if things get hairy in the capital?

Londonist always thought we might give Bermuda a try. Or maybe just try and relocate to a secret underground bunker in the Antarctic. There's bound to be one of them about somewhere.


However, the Council chiefs of Surrey do not seem to share Londonist's ambition. Which is unfortunate really, because they're the ones in charge if all hell breaks loose and we have to evacuate.

According to the BBC plans are afoot to "lay on special shuttle services to transport people to selected train stations. From there buses would take evacuees to public buildings such as leisure centres or race courses which would become emergency shelters."

Hmm. Race courses you say? Oh well, at least there'll be some entertainment. Does this tie in with the new gambling laws? We're confused.

Surrey's head of emergency planning, Jerry 'no relation to Jodie' Marsh, says that there is "no suggestion that people would be left to fend for themselves".

We assume that this means that anyone left in London 48 hours after an attack will just be shot to save time. Which, seeing as we’re relying on the rail services to get us out, might be a cause for worry.

Last Updated 11 November 2004