London Rulez OK

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London Rulez OK

Londonist was delighted to see that The GLA have been out and about interviewing 11 to 16 year olds on their "attitudes towards London".

The survey, organised in the lead up to International Children's Day on Saturday, interviewed a total of 1,072 London residents aged between 11 and 16, from 150 randomly selected locations across the city.


Specific questions such as "Are there enough trainer shops in your area" and "You know that Gary from down the road, do you think he is fit?" were left aside in favour of more general queries such as "Are you satisfied with your neighborhood as a place to live".

A heartening 80% said they were satisfied with their 'hood (is that what the kids are calling it these days?) and roughly the same amount said that they were happy with the city as a whole.

Half the little scamps interviewed said that they would like to have more things to do (kids today eh, they don't know they're born) and they also said they'd like to see cheaper public transport and a reduction in crime (are you listening Daily Mail?).

One of the events taking place on Saturday as part of Children's Day is a photographic exhibition at City Hall which shows "London through the eyes of children and young people". It's free and almost 150 kids took part in the project so there should be enough there to keep visitors interested. If you can't make it down there on Saturday the exhibition runs until next Friday (the 26th).

Last Updated 18 November 2004