Getaway - Black Monday

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Getaway - Black Monday

Forget GTA: Sand Andreas. The sun's too bright, everyone and his dog owns a gun, and they drive on the right for God's sake.

No, if you want a real, virtual driving experience (does that make sense?) then you have to come to London, and that means getting your hands on The Getaway: Black Monday.

frank_arrest1.jpgReleased on Monday 12, Black Monday has once again been developed by Sony's team in Soho, but this time they've made it even bigger and (somehow) more detailed.

The pressure's on for Sony with this one, it's going up against GTA San Andreas, and it's Sony's only big Xmas video game offering, so there's a lot resting on it.

According to the Guardian's review some of the glitches present in the original game have been ironed out: "the dual-function control system actually works, which at last allows you to enjoy the rip-roaring storyline, varied missions, glorious virtual reconstruction of modern-day London and general atmosphere, which resembles a meeting of The Bill and a Quentin Tarantino film" and the review at Simply Games informs us that "Team Soho used more than 25 square miles of London with 17 new locations, including portions of the Underground".

The developers have also learnt some lessons from the GTA franchise and added a little bit of flexibility to the story modes, including letting the player steal black cabs and participate in street chases.

But, sensitive-types be warned, for that added touch of London authenticity the developers have added the C-word to the characters' vocabulary.

Last Updated 04 November 2004