Friends For Life? Just Say No

By london_pjb Last edited 220 months ago
Friends For Life? Just Say No

It’s been a dispiriting morning for London, which has seen its reputation in two areas take a battering. First, Londoners’ reputation for lack of friendliness took a hammering when Elliott School in Putney won the Friends Reunited“School Friendship League Table”, and then London’s claim to be the most dangerous part of the country for drugs took a dive when Brighton zoomed to the top of the drug-related deaths chart — 25.3 deaths per 100,000 people.

Londonist isn’t sure which fact it finds more depressing. It could be argued that the reason for the lower percentage of drug-related deaths is because Londoners take so many drugs that even the intellectually challenged know what is likely to be bad for them.

But on the friendliness count there seems no escape. People of Putney, what is your excuse? Why would you want to go in search of someone you didn’t like a decade ago and are probably less likely to have anything in common with now?

Even more disturbingly, the “friendliest” year is apparently the “class of ’63”. This means that there are hordes of 50-somethings out there in search of people they last knew when they were 17. The potential for shocks there is so great that we are surprised there hasn’t been an increase in the proportion of heart-failure-related deaths. Never go back.

Last Updated 16 November 2004