David Mitchell In Conversation

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David Mitchell In Conversation

Londonist finished off David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas a few months ago.

cloud atlas.jpg

We'd been meaning to read it for ages, but we don't expect you to believe that; so we'll happily admit to being swayed by all the hype that surrounded the book when it became the biggest Booker prize favourite in the history of the awards.

Anyway - it's a good book. Never mind it didn't actually win the prize in the end, who cares about awards anyway, it's all about the art right?

And if you want to hear more about the 'art' (and, no doubt, the Booker prize as well) you can get along to the Criterion Theatre tomorrow to see David Mitchell in coversation with John Wilson as part of the Orange Word series.

If Mitchell is as entertaining, witty and annoyingly intelligent in the flesh as he comes across in his press interviews then it should be a decent evening.

Last Updated 15 November 2004