Branding London

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Branding London

Question: which major worldwide brand opened a flagship store in central London this month?

Answer: Adidas.


Maybe not the best scheduling decision the world has ever seen. After all, we don't recall seeing people queueing days in advance just to catch a glimpse of David Beckham, who (apparently) opened the new "Sport Performance Centre" on Oxford Street.

The store was "conceived" by design consultancy Project-X and has a "wholly black interior" which actually makes it look a bit like the bedroom of a teenager, circa 1986.

Although we do like the ceiling lights in the shape of the 'triple stripe'.


In other branding news: Chelsea Football Club have got a new badge. Apparently the redesign (by Blue Dog Design) was inspired by "the 1950s original" and will "be effective from May 2005, in time for the club’s Centenary Season"

At least Jose Mourinho has taken the emblem to his heart:

"When I look to this lion it looks arrogant, it is aggressive, it is powerful. He is proud of being a Chelsea lion. For me and for my players and for the people working with me who feel the responsibility of winning, I think it will make us even more aware of our ambition. The last thing we do every game before we go onto the pitch is someone asks in the dressing room who are you, and everyone says at the same time in a big shout from the heart, we are Chelsea. With this new identity, we may have a help."


Last Updated 23 November 2004