Back In The USSR...Eventually

By Rob Last edited 179 months ago
Back In The USSR...Eventually

A Russion oil tycoon holes up in London after some dodgy dealings in his home country. Sound familiar?

Well it's not Roman 'Evening Standard London Personality of the Year 2003' Abramovich this time. Actually this bloke's not even Russian. He's American.

Bruce Misamore is the finance chief for Russian oil giant Yukos, currently in London along with his management board for a meeting.

Misamore had planned to travel back to Russia yesterday but prosecutors in Moscow decided they couldn't wait for him to get back and "summoned him for questioning" over failiure to pay a "a multibillion pound tax bill."

Bruce's response? Just stay here and whether the storm.

"If there’s no issue with respect to being in Moscow in terms of threats of arrest then the management will be in Moscow." Misamore said, before skipping around in circles, sticking out his tongue and chanting "Can't touch me" in an annoyingly high pitched voice.

Last Updated 25 November 2004