And The Beat Goes On

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And The Beat Goes On

Graffiti has been a bit of a recurring theme in London this year. Grafitti on the tube, grafitti on the street, grafitti as it's posh pop grafitti.

The inhabitants of St John's Wood, those who live near a certain legendary recording studio to be exact, are having a bit of a moan because they feel that the 'spontaneous tributes' left by the fans of a popular Sixties beat combo are an "eyesore".

According to some, the writing on the whitewashed wall outside Abbey Road studios is a longstanding tradition which adds colour to an otherwise sterile neighborhood.

But to others, Ich Liebe Ringo hastily scrawled in biro on a gatepost is a social menace which needs to be wiped out, and it seems Westminster Council have come down on the side of the latter.

An agreement has been made between the council and Abbey Road which means that contractors will clean the graffiti away once a week. According to studio managing director David Holly "People can still leave their messages - it just does not stay up quite so long."

You see that's the problem with rock and roll: it's just so...untidy. Next week we look at the plans to seal Jim Morrison's grave in a huge perspex cube.

Last Updated 18 November 2004