A Whole Bunch Of Gods

By Rob Last edited 173 months ago
A Whole Bunch Of Gods

Is there a collective noun for deities? You know, like a murder of crows or a smack of jellyfish?

Maybe not, after all there is only one God right (as opposed to many gods)? Well, if you get down to the ICA over the next few months you'll find exactly 100 Gods (or should that be 'gods', wow who knew this theological stuff could be so confusing?).

100 Artists See God, which opens today, is the ICA's attempt to explore "how exhibitions gain form by addressing issues that look at wider concerns of the modern world", specifically "how God is perceived and represented in contemporary culture".

To do this the curators have asked 100 artist from various generations, working across different mediums to produce something which reflects their "subjective interpretations of spirituality".

The 100 include some 'celebrity' names such as Damien Hirst (a drug-filled medicine cabinet), Roy Lichtenstein, John Waters and...erm, Leaonard Nimoy, alongside other, less well-known artists. And the results are, as you would expect, a pretty mixed bag, including photographs of dogs, film of basketball players and some plastic piping.

The exhibition is on until 9 January, 2005.

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