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13 August 2013 | Transport | By: Franco Milazzo

A London Hyperloop?

A London Hyperloop?

American billionaire Elon Musk has now revealed his "hyperloop",  described as a “cross between Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table”. His idea of sending passengers through a never-ending tube in capsules may not sound out-of-the-ordinary for Circle Line commuters but Musk has a bigger scale in mind, namely connecting up different US cities.

This may sound a little bonkers but Musk has form when it comes to getting bleeding-edge transport schemes literally off the ground: in 2012, his SpaceX venture became the first private operation to dock a cargo capsule with the International Space Station.

Tom Scott's latest satirical video considers how Mayor Boris Johnson, a man with "extensive experience of high cost-low usage transport projects" would implement a hyperloop in the capital. Please note that later elements of the video are probably NSFW.

There's more Tom Scott here on Londonist. Watch as he shares his Lies On The Underground and informs us of Ten Illegal Things To Do In London.

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The Simpsons episode about the Springfield Monorail springs to mind here.