The Difference Between London And The City Of London

For all those people who’ve ever been confused over the difference between the Mayor of London and the Lord Mayor of London, or who don’t know the distinction between London and the City of London, here’s a brilliant introduction from CGP Grey. See alsoDoes London Exist?

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  • Wobbly Wallet

    Why is the map at 4:48 in German?

  • Kyle Stuart-Woodard

    Isn’t ‘London’ short for ‘Greater London’ which is actually a county?

  • Krsteni

    Your video sucks you should speak slower

    • Gloria Marsh-Fisher

      The American accent doesn’t blend well with the subject and the speaker sounds as if he can’t wait to get it all over with.

    • SeekWisdomToday

      If he spoke slower it would be a long video. You can always come back and pause.

  • Pat Gerbaud

    My students often tell me I speak very fast, they should listen to that chap !

  • austin200

    I loved it….interesting. enlightening and really funny.

  • rb

    Nicely Done.