The Cellars

The Cellars

This pub was editorially chosen for inclusion.

In another part of London The Cellars might seem fairly fancy, with its elegant decoration and quaint furniture. Among the selection of pubs around Newington Green, however, it actually comes across as quite understated.

The pub has a typical gastropub menu, a promising if not huge wine list, but a very strong selection of six real ales during our visit including a few previously unseen on Londonist's travels.

Drink selected, your choice is between the standard bar area and what seems to be an expanded interpretation of your Aunty Jean's living room, at the back. Plenty of small dining tables dot the room, in addition to a selection of ageing standing lamps with that style of lampshade old ladies seem to favour, and the occasional three-piece suite.

The ornate wooded fireplace and dark turquoise walls add to the feeling that you should perhaps be enjoying a cup of tea rather than a pint, though the glass ceiling opens it all up to the light rather handsomely.

There's even a TV set that has to be 40 years old, though we failed to pluck up the courage to switch it on to see if it contained an endless repeat of one of those lost episodes of Doctor Who people are always looking for.


Pub Features

Board games Real fire

Address: 125 Newington Green Road London

Phone: 020 7684 2447


Monday: 4pm-11pm

Tuesday: 4pm-11pm

Wednesday: 4pm-11pm

Thursday: 4pm-11pm

Friday: 4pm-1am

Saturday: Noon-1am

Sunday: Noon-10:30pm

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