St Christopher's Inn

St Christopher's Inn

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We immediately smelt a rat, of course. In our poll of good pubs, the St Christopher received exactly zero votes until, about 24 hours in, a sudden rush of nominations carried this unassuming pub to the top of the list. Rigged voting or practical joke, we're not sure.

Either way, we were pleasantly surprised with the place on our first visit. We've ignored it for years, expecting a backpacker's bunfight with little charm. The opposite is true. First, the beer choice is splendid, with five or six draught pumps harbouring a mix of old favourites and newer brews. The music hit the spot, tending towards 90s indie and catchy guitar music. Best of all, the pub is simply 'normal' in an area packed with tourist pubs, beer geek temples and net-curtained throwbacks. Sometimes normal is good. Sometimes normal is what you need. So, while we wouldn't ever count this as an absolute stand-out, we'd certainly be happy to pop by again. Late opening, every night too.

Address: 121 Borough High Street London SE1 1NP

Phone: 020 74072392

[email protected]


Monday: 11am-1am

Tuesday: 11am-1am

Wednesday: 11am-1am

Thursday: 11am-2am

Friday: 11am-2am

Saturday: 11am-2am

Sunday: 11am-1am

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