BrewDog Clerkenwell

BrewDog Clerkenwell

Another member of the BrewDog family around town (also see: Camden, Clapham, Shepherd's Bush and Shoreditch), the reason to come here is the beer. Of course. BrewDog is a brewery up in Scotland known for its devil-may-care attitude to brewing (according to the menu, bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin at 32% ABV are available. It costs something like £50 and we don't recommend it).

The available beers — from BrewDog and guest brewers — change regularly, to the extent that several mouthwatering brews on the website on a Monday had already disappeared by the time of our Wednesday visit. That's the tyranny of choice, for you. Thumbs up for having Pieminster pies on the food menu, too.

If you visited the previous bar on this site, The Fourteenth Colonie — and the fact few did is a hint of why it is no more — you'll be familiar with the decor. BrewDog has kept the Brooklyn vibe with its booths and tall tables, adding an enormous neon "CRAFT BEER SPOKEN HERE" sign. Subtle. Meet a group of mates and have fun.

On Facebook and Twitter as @brewdogcwell

Last updated December 2015


Address: 45-47 Clerkenwell Road EC1 5RS


Monday: 11am-1am

Tuesday: 11am-1am

Wednesday: 11am-1am

Thursday: 11am-1am

Friday: 11am-1am

Saturday: 11am-1am

Sunday: Closed

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