BrewDog Clerkenwell

BrewDog Clerkenwell

Another member of the BrewDog family, squatting on Clerkenwell Road since 2015. The reason to come here is the beer. Of course. BrewDog is a brewery up in Scotland known for its devil-may-care attitude to brewing.

The available beers — from BrewDog and guest brewers — change regularly, to the extent that several mouthwatering brews on the website on a Monday had already disappeared by the time of our Wednesday visit. That's the tyranny of choice, for you. And at 28 beer lines, it's a big choice.

If you visited the previous bar on this site, The Fourteenth Colonie — and the fact few did is a hint of why it is no more — you'll be familiar with the decor. BrewDog has kept the Brooklyn vibe with its booths and tall tables, adding an enormous neon "CRAFT BEER SPOKEN HERE" sign. Subtle. Meet a group of mates and have fun.


Address: 45-47 Clerkenwell Road EC1 5RS

[email protected]

Monday: 11am-1am

Tuesday: 11am-1am

Wednesday: 11am-1am

Thursday: 11am-1am

Friday: 11am-1am

Saturday: 11am-1am

Sunday: Closed

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