Mucky Pup

Mucky Pup

This pub was voted one of the best pubs in Angel by Londonist readers.

The Mucky Pup is the type of pub talked about in hushed tones, because the people who frequent it would very much like to keep it all to themselves.

A small, two-part pub in the back streets of Islington, the Mucky Pup is brimming with originality. On the face of it, it's a small, dark pub with a rock music feel — the (free) jukebox is indeed stuffed with guitar bands and many mullets.

But look closer and you'll see strange African art all around the walls, including carved wooden figures and heads, one topped with an unlikely hand of bananas. There are brass angel wings on the walls, and bats hanging from the ceiling fan. It also has a pool table taking up most of the back area of the pub, though there is room for a dartboard.

There's not a huge selection of wine or beer, though there are countless spirits on the heaving shelves behind the bar. Food is mostly bar snacks; the extensive list includes biltong, but don't hold that against it. Burgers are served Wednesday to Saturday and there's a highly entertaining quiz night (which could be on Mondays or Wednesdays — check ahead). And a final important plus point: the staff are smashing, friendly and helpful.

A hidden gem that deserves more attention, despite the best efforts of its secretive fans.


Address: 39 Queen's Head Street London N1 8NQ

Phone: 020 7226 2572



Monday: 4pm-midnight

Tuesday: 4pm-midnight

Wednesday: 4pm-midnight

Thursday: 4pm-midnight

Friday: 4pm-midnight

Saturday: 4pm-midnight

Sunday: 1pm-midnight

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