Jam Circus

Jam Circus

This pub was editorially chosen for inclusion by Londonist.

Another of Antic's characterfully quirky pubs — and one of the first places to really embody 'hipster Brockley' — Jam Circus has become perhaps less of a pub and more of a venue. It's a place to host your jazz night or go on a cosy second date as the lights go down and the candles are lit. (We're not sure what it is about this part of Brockley / Crofton Park and dimness; the London Beer Dispensary across the road also has us peering into the gloom. Let's just say if you're insecure about your appearance this is a great corner of SE London to get pissed in.)

It's a random punt what beer you get. We enjoyed an elderflower blonde ale from Saltaire Brewery on one visit, only to find it gone seven days later. (We had a Great Heck Powermouse instead.) The bar staff tell us they keep their beers on rotation for literally one keg each, so we wouldn't advise getting attached to any particular tipple. They also do cocktails and we've heard good things about their Earl Grey Fizz.

Food edges towards the gastropub (Antic is justifiably proud of its kitchens) and the pub loudly proclaims its skill with a burger. On Sundays the place tends to get taken over by families enticed by the roasts; make your plans according to how tolerant you are of small people. It's probably lost its crown as 'best pub in the area' to the aforementioned Beer Dispensary, but would still win in many other postcodes.

On Twitter as @jamcircus.


Address: 330-332 Brockley Road London SE4 2BT

Phone: 020 8692 3320


Monday: 4pm-midnight

Tuesday: noon-midnight

Wednesday: noon-midnight

Thursday: noon-midnight

Friday: noon-1am

Saturday: noon-1am

Sunday: noon-11pm

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