Electricity Showrooms

Electricity Showrooms

This pub was editorially chosen for inclusion by Londonist.

Back when the world was young, and Londonist was first starting out as a tiny business with almost one employee, this place was our local. It hasn't changed much in the past five years — bold and brash with plenty of quiet corners — but we wouldn't want it to. The Leccy Showrooms, as no one except us calls it, was indeed a former electricity showroom, built next to one of the city's first electricity generating stations (1897) to convert rubbish into power. The pub is suitably lit with dozens of ceiling bulbs. It's scrubbed up well, to deliver an attractive and roomy pub and something of a template for the small Barworks chain, whose other marvels include the nearby Well and Bucket, and Farringdon's Harrild and Sons. The great revolving doors and coffered ceiling, meanwhile, are almost identical to those at the Wenlock and Essex. Like several other pubs in the chain, you'll also find a neat cocktail bar in the basement, trading under the name 5CC. Drinks choice in the main bar is keg-heavy, and favouring lager fans, but the pub also stocks one or two guest ales on draught. The food menu is fairly playful, with such temptations as 5 pepper squid and crab fries, plus a neat sliders menu.

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Address: 39A Hoxton Square London N1 6NN

Phone: 020 7739 3939



Monday: Noon-midnight

Tuesday: Noon-midnight

Wednesday: Noon-midnight

Thursday: Noon-midnight

Friday: Noon-1am

Saturday: Noon-1am

Sunday: Noon-midnight

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