Beer Rebellion Sydenham

Beer Rebellion Sydenham

Another of the growing Beer Rebellion chain from Penge brewers Late Knights (see also: Peckham and Gipsy Hill), this is basically a converted shop with some comfy sofas, some thrown-together tables and a bar, and a massive line-up of kegs as you walk in — presumably because they couldn't fit them anywhere else. It's cosy, it's friendly (we turned up at 4pm on a bank holiday Sunday to find ourselves the only people in, so had a lengthy chat with the barmaid while waiting for the rest of our group), and it's got excellent beer.

There's a pop-up kitchen waiting for an occupier, and three types of cider on tap when we were in — as well as Little Bird gin. Probably not the best summer destination (it's going to suffer being next door to The Dolphin's giant garden) but one to settle down in once the sun goes down.

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Last updated May 2016


Pub Features

Ales galore

Address: 167 Sydenham Road London SE26 5HB

Phone: 020 3632 2727


Monday: 4pm-11pm

Tuesday: 4pm-11pm

Wednesday: 4pm-11pm

Thursday: 4pm-11pm

Friday: 4pm-midnight

Saturday: noon-midnight

Sunday: noon-10.30pm

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