London's Most Beautiful Bridges

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London's Most Beautiful Bridges

There's something magical about London's Thames bridges.

Each with a unique personality, the diverse river spans often offer the pedestrian Londoner a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air; a space to pause, slightly removed from the traffic and otherwise somewhat claustrophobic architecture of the city centre; a moment to look up and out, towards a more distant horizon than the pavement or road in front of your eyes.  

A moody Millennium Bridge.
Source Sophii Jacob
The 'trembling lady' at night.
Source Fineartamerica
Source Femsta
Good morning, Hammersmith Bridge!
Source London
Southwark Bridge
Source Mattscutt
Southwark Bridge with Tower Bridge in the distance
Source London
Source 500px
Hammersmith Bridge was designed by noted civil engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette.
Source Lovegreatbritain
Blackfriars Bridge was given Grade II listed status in 1972.
Source Don Ramer
The Millennium Bridge, officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge
Source Alexander Rosolen
Tower Bridge at sunset
Source Travelcaffeine
Source Dimitar Hr
Tower Bridge in silhouette.
Source Panoramio
A different perspective on Tower Bridge.
Source London
Source Hnkaraca
Albert Bridge, Battersea
Source Vickiarcher
Millenium Bridge, London
Source Mattscutt
Blackfriars Bridge at night.
Source Flickringtorch
Albert Bridge's unusual colour scheme is designed to make it more conspicuous in poor visibility.
Source 500px
Source Explosion
Source Alanisko
Source Tower Bridge
Albert Bridge, Battersea
Source P6ndp
Tower Bridge's bascules are raised around 1,000 times a year.
Source Towerbridge
Sunrise over Westminster Bridge.
Source London
Angry skies over Westminster Bridge.
Source Jacob
London from the air
Source Ibtimes
A lovely sunrise by the Millennium Bridge.
Source Christofs70
Hammersmith Bridge from below.
Source Jaroslaw Marciuk
Hammersmith Bridge, face on.
Source Historicbridges
An interesting perspective on Tower Bridge.
Source Booking
The Albert Bridge was protected as a Grade II* listed structure in 1975.
Source Handpicked London
All the lights from Blackfriars Bridge and Blackfriars Railway Bridge.
Source Ishowerinmypants
Hammersmith Bridge is Grade II listed.
Source 1000things London
The Millennium Bridge at blue hour.
Source Fineartamerica
Tower Bridge and The Shard at sunset.
Source Spoutfire
Westminster Bridge over a glassy Thames.
Source Jacob
The Millennium Bridge over a mirror-like Thames.
Source Steven Krohn
Source Googlemaps
Albert Bridge in the moonlight.
Source Traceyburfield
Source Mattscutt
Tower Bridge is one of just two Grade I listed bridges over the Thames
Source Flickriver
The Albert Bridge at sunset.
Source Levanterman
Westminster Bridge always looks stunning
Source Dado
Source Visit London
The Millennium Bridge
Source Buzzfeed
At night, Albert Bridge is illuminated by 4,000 LEDs.
Source Slawek Staszczuk
A different view of Millennium Bridge, this time from the north of the river.
Source Handpicked London
Source Levanterman
The ever-beautiful Hammersmith Bridge.
Source Trucoslondres
Source Jacob

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