Someone's Made 'Brick Lane' Tube Station From LEGO

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Someone's Made 'Brick Lane' Tube Station From LEGO

Welcome to the fictional 'Brick Lane' tube station, created entirely of Lego.

This excellent bit of design packs a lot of London into one 16x16 baseplate. The multi-level tube station includes an architect's office, a coffee shop staffed by a top-knotted hipster, ticket gates, escalator and a tube train at platform level.

The delight is in the detail. From the fully scoped-out coffee menu to the intricacies of the escalator, to the world's tiniest tube map, it's all here. Even the choice of Central and Circle/District lines is semi-plausible for a station in the Brick Lane area. Top marks.

But here's the catch. You can't actually buy the Lego Brick Lane station. Not yet. It was designed by John Harvey and submitted to Lego's Ideas site. John needs to reach 10,000 supporters for Lego to consider turning his creation into a genuine on-the-shelves product. If you'd like to see this realised, then do head over and click 'support'. [Update: the page has surpassed 10,000 clicks, so fingers crossed!]

Last Updated 11 February 2022