It's Official: Futuristic Tube Trains Are Coming To Piccadilly Line In 2024

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Last Updated 23 November 2018

It's Official: Futuristic Tube Trains Are Coming To Piccadilly Line In 2024

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New Tube train.

Remember these futuristic tube train designs dubbed 'the New Tube'? Transport for London just confirmed that the contract is signed. The timetable has also been announced, and we now know when we might see these sleek vehicles in action. Here's the lowdown, in SEO-friendly nuggets.

When will the New Tube trains first appear?

The first new trains will be delivered in 2023 for testing. Unless you're part of the testing programme, or a TfL employee, or a reckless train thief, you won't get to ride one until 2024.

Who is building the New Tube?

Siemens Mobility Ltd will build 94 of the British-designed trains in a contract worth £1.5 billion (which includes lifetime service and spare parts). Much of the work will be done in a new factory in Goole, East Yorkshire.

Which lines will the New Tube trains serve?

Initially, the trains will run on the Piccadilly line. The intention is to order further trains for the Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City lines. The Epping-Ongar heritage line is sadly overlooked again.

Why is TfL replacing its Piccadilly line trains?

The current stock is from 1973. That's bloody ancient — the year Ryan Giggs was born, and Britain joined the European Union (as it's called now). These antiquated trains are unreliable and expensive to maintain. The new stock will allow an increase in frequency, and therefore capacity to help cope with London's expected growth.

What new features will these tube trains have?

We're promised wider doors, air conditioning, in-train information systems, walk through design and a buffet car. That last one is fake.

Can you show me a video of these beauties in action?

Why, yes.