Brilliant Photos of London's Buses

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Brilliant Photos of London's Buses

London buses are the best. The city's remarkable network is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world.

More than 8,000 scheduled buses operate on over 700 different routes. In a single year, the buses of London carry more than 1.8 billion passenger journeys.

Here are some of the most beautiful.

A wedding Routemaster.
Source Thepastamaster
Westminster Abbey and a big red bus.
Source Heather Carswell
Bus and taxi: beautiful.
Source Mervinkaye
Headed to Tower Hill.
Source London
Bus, bike, and bumper; reflected.
Source Samlucasmore
A new Routemaster in Whitehall
Source Greatarsenal
Routemaster buses at Potter's Bar bus garage.
Source Peter Uk
How makers of the famous London double decker buses proved they weren't a tipping hazard, 1933
Source Old Pics Archive
Upstairs on a Routemaster bus.
Source Greatarsenal
The 77 at sunset.
Source Cnrdzh
Not one, but two.
Source Geminatrix
An old Routemaster at St Paul's.
Source Christofs70
Old Routemaster, One Whitehall Place
Source Craigsolo
Old Routemaster and cyclist: gorgeous.
Source Siobhaise
New Routemaster, Aldwych
Source Thesilviamick
Red bus and Big Ben.
Source Conrad B Hart
An Old Routemaster in Knightsbridge.
Source Alanisko
A ghostly 118 in south London.
Source London
Source Lindseyballadofmagazine
A proud new rainbow Routemaster for London Pride.
Source Visit London
An old Routemaster in London.
Source Mattbooy
The driver's seat of an old Routemaster.
Source Feetapart
Plenty of buses serve Trafalgar Square.
Source Goldenredsnake
Capturing London landmarks: Big Ben, bus and beautiful bridges.
Source Gcooler
Blink and you'll miss it.
Source Igorpilot
One of the 524 RML Old Routemasters.
Source Feetapart
Lower deck of Old Routemaster.
Source Mumhad1ofthose
A unique view from the top deck.
Source Mondomulia
A red door and a red bus
Source Theonlyhellebelle
The 453 in the sunshine.
Source London
An old Routemaster, St Clement Danes.
Source Thepastamaster
The massive St Paul's can somehow shrink a London bus...
Source London
An Old Routemaster on Whitehall Place.
Source Tschang
Bus in The City.
Source I Am Davidh
An Old Routemaster in St James' Park.
Source London
Pikachu on a bus.
Source Transport for London
The Number 4 bus and the Gherkin.
Source Jaroslaw Marciuk
The 15 looking good in summer.
Source Alanisko
A shiny New Routemaster, Tottenham Court Road
Source London
A classic Number 15.
Source Fashiionsnapshots
Can you spot it?
Source Sparrowinlondon
St Pauls and a fly-by bus.
Source London
Even the old Routemasters came out to play on Tube Strike day.
Source Mumhad1ofthose
Take a sightseeing tour on a classic old routemaster.
Source Goldenredsnake
It's a classic.
Source Thepastamaster

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