Apparently These Are London's Most Dangerous Tube Stations...

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 17 months ago
Apparently These Are London's Most Dangerous Tube Stations...

We're all familiar with those posters on the tube telling us to hold onto the handrails and Mind the Gap. But which tube station is most of need of such a caveat?

Turns out West Ham is London's most injury-prone tube station — with 11.27 injuries* for every million travellers. Oddly, we can't even pin the stat on over excited Hammers fans on their way to the Boleyn Ground: the numbers cover the whole of 2017, and West Ham Utd had already relocated to Stratford by then.

The research comes from Accident Claims Advice, which used TfL data on every every reported injury in 2017 for each tube station and tube line in London, to put together this map:

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Other accident 'hotspots' include Wanstead, with 7.43 injuries per million passengers, and Barkingside with 5.51 injuries per million passengers. What is it with these east London stations?

It's Kings Cross St Pancras, however, that had the most number of injuries in 2017 — 210 in all (although bear in mind, it also had over 95m passengers, so y'know).

As for the safest station? That would be Hammersmith (on the Hammersmith & City line) — with 0.09 injuries per million passengers.

You can see the figures in full on this spreadsheet.

*Injuries in these statistics do not include accidents which result from medical issues or deliberate actions.

Last Updated 10 May 2018