Kids Will Love These Nature-Inspired Play Fountains In Elephant And Castle

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Kids Will Love These Nature-Inspired Play Fountains In Elephant And Castle
kids plays in the fountain's pools
Image: Charles Emerson

Hot out, ain't it?

Elephant Springs fountains — located in the new Elephant and Castle development/destination — offer somewhere for kids and families to cool off in the warmer months.

Two girls splash around in the fountains
Image: Charles Emerson

Designed in 2019 by Mel Chantrey, the fountains feature the kinds of miniature waterfalls, mounds, ravines and babbling streams you'd expect from a natural spring. Elephant Springs is crafted from igneous porphyry stone, which is apparently hard-wearing and has good slip resistence.

The springs with the development behind them
Image: Charles Emerson

A series of water-soaking jets and cascades are fed by an extensive underground water pipeline spanning 1,240 metres. There are several different water effects to enjoy, including hand-operated pumps, and jets that shoot up with the element of surprise. Kids can also block certain channels, and divert the water. In short, they're going to get very wet.

Surrounding sandpits provide a beach-like area, ideal for sculpting castles and the like, while shady spots beneath the trees provide refuge for parents who want to stay cool and dry. Hammocks are also conveniently dotted about Elephant Springs.

A toddler plays in the water
Image: Charles Emerson

From Hyde Park to the Olympic Park, London has a slew of wonderful play fountains, which are wildly popular during the sultry summer months.

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