Dozens Of Hot Air Balloons To Sail Over London This Weekend?

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Dozens Of Hot Air Balloons To Sail Over London This Weekend?

UPDATE: The regatta has been postponed until 17 June.

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The regatta in 2017, which sailed over east London

In the early hours of the morning this Sunday (10 June), the skies of central London may throng surreally, with up to 50 hot air balloons taking flight across the city.

Every summer, the Lord Mayor's Hot Air Balloon Regatta — organised by Exclusive Ballooning — invites balloonists to launch their colourful orbs above the city, raising awareness of the Lord Mayor's Appeal.

Last year, 27 balloons took flight from London City Airport, rising to around 1,000 feet over Dagenham, Hornchurch and Upminster, before dispersing and landing. We know, because Londonist was in one of the balloons:

This year, the launch site is closer to central London — Battersea Park, to be precise — providing some different backdrops to previous regattas, including the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

There is a big caveat to all this: the weather is liable to postpone plans. In fact, the flight was meant to happen on 3 June. So while you MAY be greeted by an enchanting sight this weekend, you might equally get nothing but brooding clouds and a faceful of drizzle.

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