London's Most Londony Shop Signs

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London's Most Londony Shop Signs

Here are some of the finest examples of shop signs in London, the capital of this nation of shopkeepers. Typos and spelling mistakes aside, you've got to give credit to the oddball sarcasm and downright hostility that spews forth. London is a city where you can buy pretty much anything in the world... including many thousands of things you really can't imagine anyone wanting.

Source Sugarfreegum
Is it here yet?
Source Stujaunce
"Hello mate, do you sell shepes pie cips & bums?" *Notices sign* "Oh you do! I'll have that please"
Source Mr Vaughan
A topical sign from Hook & Cleaver butchers in Ealing
Source The Occupier
Get in line, London.
Source Katableyer
OK, Oddbins.
Source Philverney
An oldie but a goodie from Shoreditch Grind.
Source Decorbydelali
Do you have 'happy' on your CV?
Source Thegareth
This London butcher thinks he knows a thing or two about vegans...
Source Inhabitat
Silliness in Elephant and Castle shopping centre.
Source Sue Harding
Source Jamie Panot
Source Buzzfeed
The most British sign ever.
Source Joel Willans
Grumpy cat doesn't look sorry...
Source Eastvillageldn
Source Londonmunchies
Source Patrick Dalton
Source London Blogger15
Wondering where that beer duty reduction went?
Source The Eagle Ale House
Source Davidsim
That's just the way things roll on Brick Lane.
Source Pinterest
Source The Swift, Putney
Wait, what?
Source Timelordkerr
A brilliant sign from Kew Books.
Source Skint London Mag
Always tip. Always.
Source Eastvillageldn
Of all the people needing ID...
Source Siobhaise
No riff raff.
Source Ladydaventry
Source Buzzfeed

Last Updated 02 February 2017